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Tim Penhey (thumper) wrote :

On Tue, 12 Jul 2011 21:12:39 you wrote:
> > I also notice you aren't using namespaces for your top level classes -
> > like the GConnector. Have you considered using one?
> Not really. GConnector is in libunity-2d-private, which is not supposed to
> be reused outside of unity-2d. Therefore I don't see an advantage in using
> namespaces here.

You could say the same about unity, but I'm pushing for "namespace unity" (and

> > Redeclaring nux::Color is a dangerous thing. Slightly convoluted due to
> > the actual nux Color being nux::color::Color, which is then used in the
> > nux namespace. That is probably the only reason you are not getting
> > linker errors with this.
> Granted, this code is hackish. It cannot cause link errors though:
> nux::Color is in Nux and we only link to NuxCore, not to Nux. I would have
> used nux::Color directly instead of reimplementing it otherwise.

No. nux::Color is in NuxCore, not Nux.

> This code is part of a fake Cairo API used to draw the border behind the
> active menubar item:
> I expected the corresponding code in unity-3d to continue to evolve based
> on adjustments from Design and more drawing code to be added later on. It
> would have been a pain to catch up with it if I had rewritten the whole
> drawing code using Qt painting API. Instead I opted to fake the Cairo API,
> this way I expected to be able to catch up by simply copying the drawing
> code from unity-3d.
> It turned out to be a not-so-smart move in the end because by the time I
> was done with my fake Cairo API, Cimi started redoing the panel drawing
> code using GTK3 style API :/. I plan on investigating whether it is
> possible for us to directly call the GTK3 style API to paint on QWidgets
> so that we can keep rendering synchronized. At this point this whole fake
> Cairo code should be scrapped.


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