Code review comment for lp:~agateau/unity-2d/unity-core

Tim Penhey (thumper) wrote :

Hi Aurélien,

I notice you have a GConnector class. It covers a very similar area to Neil's
latest work -

I also notice you aren't using namespaces for your top level classes - like
the GConnector. Have you considered using one?

A slight niggle, <string> is in the C++ standard library, not the STL (they
don't say we work for pedantical for nothing).

Redeclaring nux::Color is a dangerous thing. Slightly convoluted due to the
actual nux Color being nux::color::Color, which is then used in the nux
namespace. That is probably the only reason you are not getting linker errors
with this.

review: Needs Information

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