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Recent revisions

19. By Alan Elkner <aelkner@ubuntu> on 2008-06-18

added unit tests, fixed one bug in login view, got rid of zapi

18. By Alan Elkner <aelkner@ubuntu> on 2008-06-09

fixed logout view and plugin unauthorized method

17. By Ignas Mikalajūnas on 2008-05-15

Fix coverage report generation.

16. By Ignas Mikalajūnas on 2008-04-11

Be more forgiving when handling configuration to make schooltool unit
tests pass even with CAS in it's PYTHONPATH.

15. By Ignas Mikalajūnas on 2008-04-03

Set the proper setuptools version to work around a buildout bug.

14. By Ignas Mikalajūnas on 2008-04-03

Use kgs properly, fix find links, add scripts section to buildout.cfg

13. By builder <email address hidden> on 2008-04-02

Setting Version No to 0.2.2dev

12. By builder <email address hidden> on 2008-04-02

Setting Version No to 0.2.1

11. By Ignas Mikalajūnas on 2008-01-21

Update schooltool.cas to work well with buildbot and setuptools

10. By Ignas Mikalajūnas on 2008-01-16

Add Makefile so schooltool.cas would work nicely with buildbot.

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