Code review comment for lp:~adorsaz/homebank/adv-budget-with-categories

Adrien Dorsaz (adorsaz) wrote :

Ok, I've fixed the bug and applied all suggested changes.

Note that to move the GtkSearchEntry to top right, I've added a GtkBox which contains it and the radio buttons.

I've decided to not add both widgets directly to the same cell of the grid (as made in ui-budget.c), as the Gtk documentation clearly says in such case the behavior is not defined. With my solution, the GtkSearchEntry remain visible even if the window become very small (the minimal window width is the sum of both widget width).

For the clear input button, I've used a GtkCheckButton for the moment, as I wasn't sure what you've made in 5.3. Although, that's pretty easy to move it to GtkToggleButton: you just have to change the function building the widget.

Finally, the branch seems clean on my side, but here (on the merge request web page), launchpad show a strange file added named "src/dsp_mainwindow.c.OTHER". I suppose that's because the 5.2.x branch has evolved since January and there's conflict to solve. I've tried to reproduce conflicts with Bazaar Explorer, but I failed, I hope you'll be able to manage them :-)

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