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Michael Hudson-Doyle (mwhudson) wrote :

Adi Roiban <email address hidden> writes:

> a) For cache part, I prefer to do it in a separate ticket to keep this diff small.

+1. I also wonder about automatically appending objects.inv to the
supplied URL but well, that can wait as well.

> b) I don't know what do you want from this ... can you please add more details?

Well, all I mean is that it would be nice if Twisted could somehow say
that you should use the objects.inv from the stdlib, pyasn1 and
pycrypto, or whatever, rather than everyone who generates documentation
having to remember to pass them each time.

Having looked at intersphinx's documentation a bit, I think that it
should work a bit differently from this branch. In particular, I don't
think that naming the objects.inv really makes sense for pydoctor -- I
think we should just take a list of them and consult them in order.

But I tested it and it works, so thanks!

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