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Adi Roiban (adiroiban) wrote :

Hi and thanks for the reviews. Don't worry for the delay.

Hi, I have merged trunk.

The build passed on Travis-CI

For now, travis-ci integration is not very useful for other people as I have to manually sync bzr to git.
Does LP has any hook to trigger an event when someone pushes to a branch attached to a project?

For me it is a great help since I can run test in an independent-environment... and since I use git-bzr-ng it is easy to trigger git updates and travis-ci builds.

I have not configured email notifications for Travis-CI yet so it's only my who receives email notifications.


I don't know why LP shows the diff markers.

I have checked my local file at rev 512 and it looks ok.

This line should be removed

requires=['pyflakes (>=7.3)', 'pep8 (>=1.4.6)'],

and add the new format.

install_requires=['pyflakes>=0.7.3', 'pep8>=1.4.6'],



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