Code review comment for ~addyess/charm-openstack-service-checks:bugs/lp1887561-check_octavia_filtering

Adam Dyess (addyess) wrote :

This change added an ignore-list of keywords for each of the 4 octavia checks: loadbalancers, amphora, pools, and images.

each keyword in the ignore list will be blocked when it appears in the output of the check_octavia. Presume that you have a test or non-production loadbalancer you do not want alert checks from with the ID=deadbeef-1234-56789012-dead-beef

You can use this config

juju config <openstack-service-checks-app> octavia-loadbalancer-ignored='deadbeef-1234-56789012-dead-beef,'

to ignore any checks associated with the loadbalancer such as it being inactive or degraded.

Alternatively, you could silence all degraded loadbalancer alerts with

juju config <openstack-service-checks-app> octavia-loadbalancer-ignored='DEGRADED,'

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