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ebce134... by Szabolcs Nagy <email address hidden>

aarch64: Use mmap to add PROT_BTI instead of mprotect [BZ #26831]

Re-mmap executable segments if possible instead of using mprotect
to add PROT_BTI. This allows using BTI protection with security
policies that prevent mprotect with PROT_EXEC.

If the fd of the ELF module is not available because it was kernel
mapped then mprotect is used and failures are ignored. To protect
the main executable even when mprotect is filtered the linux kernel
will have to be changed to add PROT_BTI to it.

Computing the mapping bounds follows _dl_map_object_from_fd more
closely now.

The delayed failure reporting is mainly needed because currently
_dl_process_gnu_properties does not propagate failures such that
the required cleanups happen. Using the link_map_machine struct for
error propagation is not ideal, but this seemed to be the least
intrusive solution.

Fixes bug 26831.

a232469... by Szabolcs Nagy <email address hidden>

elf: Pass the fd to note processing

To handle GNU property notes on aarch64 some segments need to
be mmaped again, so the fd of the loaded ELF module is needed.

When the fd is not available (kernel loaded modules), then -1
is passed.

The fd is passed to both _dl_process_pt_gnu_property and
_dl_process_pt_note for consistency. Target specific note
processing functions are updated accordingly.

36d4570... by Szabolcs Nagy <email address hidden>

elf: Move note processing after l_phdr is updated

Program headers are processed in two pass: after the first pass
load segments are mmapped so in the second pass target specific
note processing logic can access the notes.

The second pass is moved later so various link_map fields are
set up that may be useful for note processing such as l_phdr.
The second pass should be before the fd is closed so that is

8ebf571... by Szabolcs Nagy <email address hidden>

elf: Fix failure handling in _dl_map_object_from_fd

There are many failure paths that call lose to do local cleanups
in _dl_map_object_from_fd, but it did not clean everything.

Handle l_phdr, l_libname and mapped segments in the common failure
handling code.

There are various bits that may not be cleaned properly on failure
(e.g. executable stack, tlsid, incomplete dl_map_segments).

f678896... by Szabolcs Nagy <email address hidden>

elf: lose is closely tied to _dl_map_object_from_fd

Simple refactoring to keep failure handling next to

8756cc1... by Szabolcs Nagy <email address hidden>

aarch64: Fix missing BTI protection from dependencies [BZ #26926]

The _dl_open_check and _rtld_main_check hooks are not called on the
dependencies of a loaded module, so BTI protection was missed on
every module other than the main executable and directly dlopened

The fix just iterates over dependencies to enable BTI.

Fixes bug 26926.

29fddfc... by Stefan Liebler <email address hidden>

Use for tests posix/bug-ga2 and resolv/tst-leaks2 [BZ #26821]

The tests posix/bug-ga2-mem and resolv/mtrace-tst-leaks2 are failing on
fedora 33 as mtrace reports memory leaks.

The /etc/nsswitch.conf differs between
Fedora 32: hosts: files dns myhostname
Fedora 33: hosts: files resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] myhostname dns

Therefore /lib64/ (from systemd) and the dependencies and are loaded.

Usually all malloc'ed resources from getaddrinfo / gethostbyname are freed
and the libraries are dlclose'd in nss/nsswitch.c:libc_freeres_fn (free_mem).
Unfortunately, /lib64/ is marked with DF_1_NODELETE.
As this library is not unmapped, you'll see "Memory not freed".

Therefore those tests are now only relying on by making
them test-container tests and providing the required configuration files.

By moving the tests to tests-container, those are now running with
"make check". Therefore the mtrace part of the tests are also moved
from "make xcheck" to "make check".

bug-ga2.c is now using test-driver.c in order to support WAIT_FOR_DEBUGGER
environment variable.

76ea70c... by Samuel thibault

hurd report-wait: Fix stpcpy usage

We shall not overflow the size of the description parameter. This makes
describe_number and describe_port behave like strpcpy (except for not filling
all the end of buffer with zeroes) and _S_msg_report_wait use series of
stpncpy-like call. If we were to overflow, we can now detect it and
return ENOMEM.

dba88fb... by Samuel thibault

hurd S_msg_report_wait: Fix detecting fd ports

_hurd_init_dtable stays set to non-NULL, so we have to run through both
_hurd_init_dtable and _hurd_dtable.

c57fe54... by Samuel thibault

hurd S_msg_report_wait: Fix reporting ports

This fixes the parameter order of MSG_EXAMINE, thus fixing the detection
of e.g. fd ports for nicer output in ps WAIT output.