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10c5d55... by Florian Weimer on 2019-10-29

Introduce DL_LOOKUP_FOR_RELOCATE flag for _dl_lookup_symbol_x

This will allow changes in dependency processing during non-lazy
binding, for more precise processing of NODELETE objects: During
initial relocation in dlopen, the fate of NODELETE objects is still
unclear, so objects which are depended upon by NODELETE objects
cannot immediately be marked as NODELETE.

aae3acb... by Florian Weimer on 2019-10-29

Clarify purpose of assert in _dl_lookup_symbol_x

177a3d4... by Lukasz Majewski <email address hidden> on 2019-10-15

y2038: linux: Provide __clock_getres64 implementation

This patch provides new __clock_getres64 explicit 64 bit function for
getting the resolution (precision) of specified clock ID. Moreover, a
32 bit version - __clock_getres has been refactored to internally use

The __clock_getres is now supposed to be used on systems still supporting
32 bit time (__TIMESIZE != 64) - hence the necessary conversion from 64 bit
struct __timespec64 to struct timespec.

The new clock_getres_time64 syscall available from Linux 5.1+ has been used,
when applicable.
On systems which are not supporting clock_getres_time64 (as their
clock_getres supports 64 bit time ABI) the vDSO syscall is attempted.
On the contrary the non-vDSO syscall is used for clock_getres_time64 as
up till now the kernel is not providing such interface.

No additional checks (i.e. if tv_nsec value overflow) are performed on
values returned via clock_getres{_time64} syscall, as it is assumed that
the Linux kernel will either return 0 and provide correct value or error.

The check for tv_sec being out of range on systems still supporting 32 bit
time (__TIMESIZE != 64) without Y2038 time support is also omitted as it is
_very_ unlikely that we would have a timer with resolution which exceeds 32
bit time_t range.

Build tests:
- The code has been tested on x86_64/x86 (native compilation):
make PARALLELMFLAGS="-j8" && make xcheck PARALLELMFLAGS="-j8"

- The glibc has been build tested (make PARALLELMFLAGS="-j8") for
x86 (i386), x86_64-x32, and armv7

Run-time tests:
- Run specific tests on ARM/x86 32bit systems (qemu): and run tests:

- Use of for ARM (armv7):
  make PARALLELMFLAGS="-j8" test-wrapper='./ root@' xcheck

Linux kernel, headers and minimal kernel version for glibc build test
- Linux v5.1 (with clock_getres_time64) and glibc build with v5.1 as
  minimal kernel version (--enable-kernel="5.1.0")
  The __ASSUME_TIME64_SYSCALLS flag defined.

- Linux v5.1 and default minimal kernel version
  The __ASSUME_TIME64_SYSCALLS not defined, but kernel supports
  clock_getres_time64 syscall.

- Linux v4.19 (no clock_getres_time64 support) with default minimal kernel
  version for contemporary glibc

  This kernel doesn't support clock_getres_time64 syscall, so the fallback
  to clock_getres is tested.

The above tests were performed with Y2038 redirection applied as well as
without (so the __TIMESIZE != 64 execution path is checked as well).

No regressions were observed.

4812365... by Lukasz Majewski <email address hidden> on 2019-10-24

time: Introduce function to check correctness of nanoseconds value

The valid_nanoseconds () static inline function has been introduced to
check if nanoseconds value is in the correct range - greater or equal to
zero and less than 1000000000.

The explicit #include <time.h> has been added to files where it was

The __syscall_slong_t type for ns has been used to avoid issues on x32.

Tested with:
- scripts/
- make PARALLELMFLAGS="-j12" && make PARALLELMFLAGS="-j12" xcheck on x86_64

513aaa0... by Arjun Shankar <email address hidden> on 2019-10-23

Add Transliterations for Unicode Misc. Mathematical Symbols-A/B [BZ #23132]

This commit adds previously missing transliterations for several code points
in the Unicode blocks "Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A/B" -
transliterated to their approximate ASCII representations. It also adds a
corresponding iconv transliteration test.

Reviewed-by: Carlos O'Donell <email address hidden>

9747644... by DJ Delorie <email address hidden> on 2019-10-23

Install charmaps uncompressed in testroot

The testroot does not have a gunzip command, so the charmap files
should not be installed gzipped else they cannot be used (and thus
tested). With this patch, installing with INSTALL_UNCOMPRESSED=yes
installs uncompressed charmaps instead.

Note that we must purge the $(symbolic_link_list) as it contains
references to $(DESTDIR), which we change during the testroot

Reviewed-by: Carlos O'Donell <email address hidden>

4052fa2... by DJ Delorie <email address hidden> on 2019-10-02

Add wait-for-debugger test harness hooks

If WAIT_FOR_DEBUGGER is set to a non-zero value in the environment,
any test that runs will print some useful gdb information and wait
for gdb to attach to it and clear the "wait_for_debugger" variable.

Reviewed-by: Carlos O'Donell <email address hidden>

acab059... by Alistair Francis <email address hidden> on 2019-08-13


Add a new macro __STATFS_MATCHES_STATFS64 that specifies if fsblkcnt_t
matches fsblkcnt64_t and if fsfilcnt_t matches fsfilcnt64_t.

As we don't have the padding we also need to update the overflow checker
to not access the undefined members.

3007ad2... by Florian Weimer on 2019-10-24

hurd: Fix build after __pread64 usage in the dynamic loader

Commit 95c1056962a3f2297c94ce47f0eaf0c5b6563231 ("elf: Use nocancel
pread64() instead of lseek()+read()") added calls to __pread64 to
the dynamic loader. On Hurd, this needs an implementation in the
dynamic loader because the rtld-pread64 rebuild pulls in too many

Fixes: 95c1056962a3f2297c94ce47f0eaf0c5b6563231
Reviewed-by: Samuel Thibault <email address hidden>

c820059... by Alistair Francis <email address hidden> on 2019-08-13

sysdeps/stat: Handle 64-bit ino_t types on 32-bit hosts

On a 32-bit platform with a 64-bit ino_t type (__INO_T_MATCHES_INO64_T
defined) we want to update the stat struct to remove the padding as it
isn't required. As we don't have the padding we also need to update the
overflow checker to not access the undefined members.