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872b851... by Adam Collard

LP: #1915359 - Add machine-resources as a dependency of sampledata

6bc56a5... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1912727 - always include default_storage_pool/storage_pools in Pod websocket

6666467... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to 93af2e4
refactor(ui): create shared tag component

Dedupe all the tag field components.

Fixes: #2165.

33759d0... by Bill Wear

Update maas-offline-docs to c279af3
Updated docs to make LXD install & init steps easier to find and follow: complete build

7ce9938... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1915021 #1915022 - fix subnet mapping in the snap, add nmap

Subnet mapping acquires a lock under /dev/shm which needs to be prefixed with
the snap name

This also adds nmap to the snap, which makes mapping faster

300f2cb... by Alberto Donato

create/sync VirtualMachine entries for virsh pods

39c4cac... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to 84ce9a8
fix(legacy): fix race condition when loading machine details

Always add the loaded machine to the store when fetching a single machine for machine details.

Fixes: #2161.

1d14ee2... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to c5e9f50
fix(ui): fix add chassis action names in http saga (#2160)

2bfcd55... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to cc1238e
feat(ui): add workloads warning + erase checkboxes to machine release form (#2158)

5f1f85f... by Lee Trager

LP: #1912697 - Accept plain text or base64 user_data on the API and in the UI.

cloud-init expects user_data to be given as plain text. The API has always
only accepted base64 encoded user_data while the UI user_data option,
added in 2.9 only accepted plain text. This was confusing for users
switching between the two. MAAS will now accept either on both the API
and UI and determine if the given data should be decoded when it is
requested by cloud-init.