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da2a1b0... by Adam Collard

Add test for dehydrating machine on pod

386d095... by Adam Collard

Fix regression introduced in 182d29396be7019

Fixes LP:1835480, don't call dehydrate_pod method which doesn't exist

8d2bda2... by Björn Tillenius

LP #1845351: MAAS sometimes get in a state where machine tags aren't updated from their definitions

Don't use a proxy for the rack-region API communication.

We require the rack to have direct access to the region without going
through a proxy.

Using a proxy for the rack-region communication (HTTP API only) has
partly worked, but been broken.

This fixes the test_check_tag_applied_to_all_machines() failure that
fails intermittently in CI.

(cherry picked from commit 4eee730d67082731ed43fe1075a4ce883fcd3823)

0358024... by Andres Rodriguez

debian/changelog: Release 2.3.6; Open 2.3.7

182d293... by Lee Trager

LP: #1759091 - Limit the amount of queries used during a list operation.

Handlers can now specify a list_queryset which is used when the client calls
list(). The machine, device, and controller handlers have been updated to
only output data needed for the listing page for that node type. All node
types now have their query count tested for list and get.

Backport of 3a0114c for LP: #1830365

45c2e4c... by Lee Trager

LP: #1752754 - Request historic results over the websocket instead of always sending them.

Backport of 9e35f1a for LP: #1830365

7ba8e6c... by Lee Trager

Update ScriptResult cache on node listen from trigger

Backport of f0e252b for LP: #1830365

290c01b... by Lee Trager

Only cache processed ScriptResults for the current nodes being dehydrated.

Previously MAAS would cache the current ScriptResults for all nodes
to minimize database lookups. This caused all ScriptResults to be
loaded into RAM regardless of how many nodes are actually being
loaded. Now only the latest ScriptResults from the current set of
nodes being dehydrates are loaded. As nodes are dehydrated their
ScriptResults are cleared from cache to reduce memory usage on the

Backport of 15a4c14 for LP: #1830365

ad24148... by Lee Trager

LP: #1722607 - 2/2 Stop sending logs with node object over the websocket.

Update the UI to pull summary data from NodesHandler and installation
data from the NodeResultsHandler. There are no UI changes with this

Backport of 3d16280 for LP: #1830365

35746b1... by Lee Trager

LP: #1722607 - 1/2 Stop sending logs with node object over the websocket.

Removes the summary YAML, XML, and installation log from being sent with the
node object over the websocket. This removes 4 database lookups and with a
libvirt machine 79KB of data from being sent with the node object.

Two new functions have been added to the node handler and child classes,
get_summary_yaml and get_summary_xml. Both read summary data from the cache
and return the formatted data.

Backport of 54ae961 for LP: #1830365