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46a8c85... by Corentin Noël

tests: Use the test extension

477b96a... by Corentin Noël

release 1.1.0

73f49b2... by Corentin Noël

Add new method to get the auth session from the AuthServiceAdapter

This is required to match the Signond API

096c102... by Corentin Noël

gtk-doc: do not explicitely rebuild types

Meson is doing it for us and rencent meson version fails to build because of it

94f3243... by Corentin Noël

meson: fix build with recent Meson version

The root directory is not included by default anymore

4836b51... by Corentin Noël

tests: cover the plugin proxy

779454b... by Corentin Noël

CI: use fedora 28

9833193... by Corentin Noël

docs: add dependencies

44e1e3d... by Corentin Noël

ci: publish coverage reports

681f77c... by Corentin Noël

tests: use the test extension