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Michael Nelson (michael.nelson) wrote :

On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:54 PM, Aaron Peachey <email address hidden> wrote:

> Review: Resubmit
> OK all the changes are made.
> I wasn't able to do the migration, as it's complaining that the --auto
> option doesn't exist (??). Anything I can do there?

Yeah, sorry, I should have checked the command I gave you. It's:

fab manage:'startmigration reviewsapp add_review_date_deleted --auto'

It'll tell you that a bunch of other fields have changed too,, but most are
just because some model fields have utcnow as the default value, and so can
be deleted from the migration. It should just contain the forward and
backward to add/remove your new column, as well as all the auto-generated
orm data. Either check one of the other simple migrations, or it's fine just
to leave it and I'll add to your branch before landing.

I'll try to get to your other changes asap. Thanks!

> I felt my way around the tests a bit and had to make some changes to the
> factory to make it work. Assuming with default values it won't impact any
> other tests but not 100% sure.
> Thanks again!
> Aaron
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