Last commit made on 2022-11-13
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c0bed6d... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Added a custom page that displays images and videos fullscreen, replacing browser's default one
Fixed duration attribute when uploading non-video elements
Improved error details visualization
Images have a background with their dominant color to replace black bars when they don't match the aspect ratio of the screen
Added function to count packages requiring reboot
Added code to update chromium launch script in xinitrc
Added version 2.3.0 deb pkg
Fixed selected audio device visualization

b43450f... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Updated readme TODO

bf3704a... by alessandro <email address hidden>

After uploading a file, now it is automatically added to the playlist
Added --version cmdline argument
Added --no-exit cmdline agument to disable exiting after 5 unsuccessful connection attempts to Chrome (for debugging)
Corrected list reordering bug
Updated key

e46af98... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Set version number
Updated changelog
Updated build script

bbadcaf... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Added command for retrieving netplan file
Netplan save button is always visible
Splitted netplan save and apply functions
Rewritten editor initialization in javascript

c90c94a... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Generified modals and success/error handlers
Added default modal for unhandled errors

ed6eac1... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Added progressbar for backup upload
Corrected backup extract command
Added uploaded folder to .gitignore

ee6a008... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Simplified file manager, now appears in main page, not modal
Removed unnecessary files from bootstrap, bootstrap-icons, ace-builds
Added batch file deleting/loading-in-playlist
Corrected ad bug that made an entire row disappear when canceling duration editor
Updated return codes for commands that return nothing
Added configuration Backup/Restore/Reset
Added batch file editing/creation for netplan config files
Added debug configuration for vscode
Corrected postrm script
Replaced absolute paths for library files with relative paths to allow debugging/development in another folder
Generalized confirmation modals in settings.html
Corrected update/upgrade buttons references in onclick functions
Added jszip files

5198551... by alessandro <email address hidden>

Added bugs and todo sections

7baa917... by alessandro <email address hidden>

corrected another first connection error