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54c607f... by Jim Rollenhagen on 2019-09-26

Retire github mirror, repo moved to opendev

8f4eed3... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-11-21

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update release to 3.0.1

This commit updates plugin release to reflect the following
important changes:

- support for 9.1 maintenance update
- rework of plugin UI
- ability to disable security groups

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: Ia3f3d194a12a0b857722f8381b057e883ea31434

66a4a8d... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-11-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: fix to support 9.1

Starting from 9.1 release, a new way to execute plugin tasks
has been defined by Fuel.
This new mechanism breaks 6WIND plugin even on recent system
using 9.0 because modifications have been made on MOS distant
repos (used for both 9.0 and 9.1).

This fix moves the execution of plugin tasks in the post deployment
stage to avoid the failures.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: I7743777258ce1b6e6633491e8243acdd292c0f80

219c942... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-11-29

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update documentation and screenshots

This commit updates documentation and screenshots to reflect
the new placement of 6WIND Virtual Accelerator Fuel plugin UI
in Compute section of Settings tab.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: Id969536d04e67bd96cf957edfea8617d25cf67cd

4a22405... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-10-12

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: fix to license file installation

Always install virtual accelerator license file (if available)

Change-Id: I9189fd1582318d8bfeb3831f545b4c9b1f9d9dec
Closes-bug: 1632712
Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

d3f2e1f... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-10-10

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: implement security group deactivation

This patch reworks plugin to:

 - remove the possibility to disable ipset since starting from
   Virtual Accelerator 1.4 ipset are fully supported.

 - allow neutron security groups deactivation to benefit from better

Disabling security groups needs (different) configurations on controller and
compute nodes. For this reason this patch moves all the node specific
neutron configuration in specific tasks for a better separation of code.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>
Closes-bug: #1631953

Change-Id: I030d41751811831144be0b640ae19e56f22a8f0b

bdea8de... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-10-10

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: use new task for nova configuration

Let's move all the nova configuration performed on the
compute + virtual accelerator node in a dedicated deployment task.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: I1d01f6a4770193db9c5eee4386441d15f766576c

6217bee... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-10-07

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: invert options display

This patch inverts 'mellanox_support' and 'advanced_params_enabled'
checkbox on graphical interface to display the advanced
parameters below the corresponding checkbox.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: Iae185365b8e19f8e3b9dc9fc5ac7cfc2224b54e0

fcf0b64... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-10-07

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: add conflicts with cinder and ceph

The current plugin implementation is designed to accelerate compute
nodes. Let's forbid to associate Virtual Accelerator role to storage

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>
Closes-bug: #1631948

Change-Id: I033abc613ad6fc23044fed98b76a1f6c3caa9028

df8e8e1... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-10-07

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: create dependency to KVM hypervisor

In order to use the 6WIND Virtual Accelerator plugin, KVM must be
used as hypervisor. This is detailed in documentation but this
patch adds this constraint directly in the code.

Moreover this patch moves the plugin to the Compute section.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>
Closes-bug: #1631950

Change-Id: I63aaf606e7c9919303a7a7e217b8cea7ed80f42f