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83577ad... by Vincent JARDIN on 2016-06-06

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: va typo

Update the typos of virtual accelerator -> Virtual Accelerator.

Change-Id: I44b87a5947647a944ae3239a4ec83fadb9dc2a65
Signed-off-by: Vincent JARDIN <vincent.jardin@6wind.com>

9b796d1... by Vincent JARDIN on 2016-06-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: fuel typo

Update the typos of fuel -> Fuel.

Change-Id: Ia79583c9f645ce8550eaadde24915c0dae6aa870
Signed-off-by: Vincent JARDIN <vincent.jardin@6wind.com>

86f13a0... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-06-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update plugin version

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: I200bb88a28cb71fcbd89ae0618c486d0446ba252

a9c0830... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-06-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: use 6wind_ prefix for license file

This patch renames the license file to use the 6wind_ prefix in order to make
easier for users to find and understand this file.

Change-Id: I5329278bb852420eee456a28ea73749d8679083a
Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

d028363... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-06-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin/doc: description on license file upload

To avoid running the 6wind virtual accelerator in evaluation mode, users
should provide a license file.
This patch details this optional (but recommended) step in documentation.

Change-Id: I41957be832cede2b3456ea6c552b5f954ee76cb8
Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

6cf6bb5... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-06-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update doc to better describe tunnel support

The current plugin version can fully support (and accelerate) only Fuel VLAN
tunnels that use a dedicated interface.
Future versions will add support for VxLAN/GRE and bridged VLANs.
This patch updates documentation to describe this scenario

Change-Id: I91ec050dd4adfb4e1ed180a9eac7a54b8c7d92a1
Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

59d25cc... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-04-07

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: adding scripts for simple testing

This patch adds a "tests" folder that includes scripts to be used for
plugin testing.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: I18d2db1137d1fe76bc1b409f20275a45e09454e7

84de58e... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-04-15

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update apparmor exit status

When redeploying environments it may be possible that Linux
apparmor has already been configured (by a previous Fuel deployment
with the plugin).
In this case the apparmor command will fail since the configuration
it tries to enforce is already present (254 is returned as exit code).
This patch adds this exit code to the list of correct values in
the specific puppet exec.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

Change-Id: I21617eee0a17b1e52b1f00f8a9905e4ad0b1a61e

c309df0... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-05-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: use service instead of exec

This patch reworks the scripts to use the puppet service resource
instead of calling services using exec.

Change-Id: Ib28ca7100a24a57f1b9074ef7eee6d079308233b
Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>

35f1cd3... by Francesco Santoro on 2016-05-03

6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: add network check to plugin guide

This commit adds the nodes network check step to the user guide.

Change-Id: I760333af44714d1c8284a97483210a3cb4437be0
Signed-off-by: Francesco Santoro <francesco.santoro@6wind.com>