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d97871d... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-09-05

Updated debian/changelog

(bzr r3806)

b0782f1... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-09-05

Scale the lockscreen and keep just one Prompt reference

(bzr r3805)

ffd99c1... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-09-05

Use gtk for getting key lock status

(bzr r3804)

680f463... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-09-05

Add activator to the lockscreen

(bzr r3803)

d168351... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-09-05

Applying lockscreen security patch

(bzr r3802)

93a6f5c... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-08-05

* SECURITY UPDATE: more screen locking fixes (LP: #1349128)
  - debian/patches/lp1349128.patch: flush after ungrabbing the keyboard
    in unity-shared/PluginAdapter.cpp, add GrabScreen() function that
    retries to lockscreen/LockScreenController.cpp,
    lockscreen/LockScreenShield.cpp, lockscreen/LockScreenShield.h.

Fixes LP: #1349128

Original authors:
  - Marco Trevisan <mail@3v1n0.net>
  - Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden>

(bzr r3801)

c685e49... by PS Jenkins bot on 2014-07-14

Releasing 7.2.2+14.04.20140714-0ubuntu1

(bzr r3800)

c9de0b1... by Christopher Townsend on 2014-07-14

Release Unity 7.2.2.
Approved by: Stephen M. Webb

(bzr r3799)

f45c210... by Christopher Townsend on 2014-07-14

Prepare for upstream micro-release 7.2.2 that includes fixes for the following bugs:
Bug #607796: Launcher, Window management - Dragging and holding a selection over an entry in the Launcher should spread out windows belonging to that application
Bug #727902: Launcher icon highlighting should not switch off as soon the cursor moves after the app spread appears.
Bug #741869: Unity/compiz intercepts Super and Alt keypresses from grabbed windows like VMs.
Bug #754580: Cannot move tabs between multiple Firefox or Chromium windows while using Unity unless windows are both unmaximized, unminimized, and visible.
Bug #839728: Launcher - dragging a item on top of a launcher tile that is a valid drop receptacle in the Launcher should cause that launcher tile to glow
Bug #924840: Keyboard shortcuts overlay text too long
Bug #1281058: [UIFe] The system shutdowns when multiple accounts are open
Bug #1283775: Launcher: icon pips are not always updated properly
Bug #1304882: [Regression] Launcher doesn't reappear fully after hiding from DND
Bug #1305586: Lock screen is unusable when some windows have a keyboard/mouse grab
Bug #1307738: Lockscreen caps lock icon drawn under text entry, should be a white icon.
Bug #1308288: Lockscreen warning icon has no tooltip
Bug #1308323: Shutdown/reboot/login/logout dialogs not scaled after toggling UI scale Edit
Bug #1308911: Clipboard contents are accessible within lockscreen
Bug #1309739: Unity launcher icon edge illumination is offset
Bug #1310200: Indicators disappear at the panel (clementine, dropbox, skype etc)
Bug #1313280: Fullscreen window set to "Always on Top" in single-monitor will hide the lockscreen
Bug #1316005: Panel shadow appears over full screen applications w/ locally integrated menus enabled
Bug #1317348: Switcher (Alt-Tab) does not respect monitor-defined scaling factor
Bug #1317356: Shortcut hint does not respect monitor scaling factor
Bug #1317869: Keyboard shortcuts overlay does not show up when workspaces are enabled at 1366x768
Bug #1320438: Unity launcher auto hide fails on screen unlock using "Super+L"
Bug #1321043: [regression] lock screen bypass with touchpad Fixes: 607796, 727902, 741869, 754580, 839728, 924840, 1281058, 1283775, 1304882, 1305586, 1307738, 1308288, 1308323, 1308911, 1309739, 1310200, 1313280, 1316005, 1317348, 1317356, 1317869, 1320438, 1321043
Approved by: Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

Original authors:
  - Chris Townsend <email address hidden>
  - Andrea Azzarone <email address hidden>
  - Alfred Neumayer <email address hidden>
  - Brandon Schaefer <email address hidden>
  - Marco Trevisan (Treviño) <email address hidden>

(bzr r3798)

c4ba2f0... by Christopher Townsend on 2014-07-03

Bump upstream release to 7.2.2.

(bzr r3797.1.36)