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db35576... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2012-05-23

LauncherController: check if an icon is on the model before adding it.

Remove the usage of the "unity-seen" flag.

(bzr r2367)

e4bd877... by Daniel van Vugt on 2012-05-23

Fix major performance regression-regression due to rebinding FBO's much more
often than is required (LP: #987304)

This commit just reintroduces the fix for LP: #861061 (the same performance
regression) which was deleted by the fix for LP: #839480 in Unity 5.10.

UPDATE: This is not a complete fix for bug 987304 as other (new) performance problems seem to be present in Unity 5.x. But it is a critical part of the fix for bug 987304.. Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/987304. Approved by Andrea Azzarone, Marco Trevisan (Treviño), Łukasz Zemczak, Tim Penhey.

(bzr r2366)

944dc1e... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-23

Adds a standalone mode to unity. Fixes: . Approved by Jason Smith.

(bzr r2365)

fe3c489... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-22

merged trunk

(bzr r2356.2.8)

2c11be3... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-22

added standalone PluginAdapter

(bzr r2356.2.7)

75f977c... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-22

fixed up the pluginadapter abstractation

(bzr r2356.2.6)

dba14dd... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-22

added in a switch for unity standalone mode against tv mode

(bzr r2356.2.5)

174eac5... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-22

added standdalone flag and always maximised flag into Settigns and Dash Style

(bzr r2356.2.4)

06a6c1a... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-22

added tv form factor

(bzr r2356.2.3)

924f5d4... by Gord Allott on 2012-05-21

reverted out po changes

(bzr r2356.2.2)