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c38998b... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

ubuntu-settings-migrate-to-defaults.18.10.1.py: migrate on wayland

Make sure migration script is ran in ubuntu-wayland desktop sessions

Fixes LP: #1799205

54042ce... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

c92b504... by Iain Lane

Update changelog

b0c8f8d... by Iain Lane

Make {ubuntu,gnome}-session Arch: all and remove qualification on xwayland dep

In Ubuntu we only have architectures which match [linux-any] anyway.
Making these -session packages Arch: all means that it's not a problem
that gjs isn't built on s390x at the minute.

35ba53a... by Didier Roche

Release 3.30.0-0ubuntu3

925055d... by Didier Roche

Introduce a communitheme-snap-session

Introduce a communitheme-snap-session for people who want to test
the communitheme snap in cosmic and over. Moving them out of the
ubuntu-session package.
This split enables us to transition communitheme snap users to default
ubuntu session after upgrading from bionic to cosmic or next LTS.
(LP: #1794024)

53eece5... by Didier Roche

Finalize changelog

e29ab68... by Didier Roche

Fix crashers in settings migration script

* debian/ubuntu-settings-migrate-to-defaults.18.10.0.py:
  - use getenv instead of environ[], as the session env key is
    missing for instance under gdm. (LP: #1790532)
  - add missing sys import (LP: #1791100)

c03442c... by Didier Roche

Finalise changelog

d85d13d... by Didier Roche

Merge 3.29.90-1ubuntu3

* debian/ubuntu-settings-migrate-to-defaults.18.10.0.py:
  - Migrate users using old default ubuntu-settings to current ones