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b7075ca... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2018-12-19

debian/changelog: update version for SRU update

74dfa4f... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2018-12-19

debian/patches: refreshed, removing applied ones

96d1e2e... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2018-12-19

debian: update branch and add gbp settings

5bb578f... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2018-12-19

Merging with 'upstream/1.52.x'

Fixes LP: #1809181, LP: #1803271

b470b37... by Daniel van Vugt on 2018-04-16

Import Debian changes 1.52.1-1ubuntu1

gjs (1.52.1-1ubuntu1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * Add fix-crashes-lp1763878-revert-575f1e2e077.patch to fix shutdown
    crashes (LP: #1763878)
  * Add some patches to solve large memory leaks (LP: #1672297)
    - fix-leaks-lp1672297-1-context-Add-API-to-force-GC-schedule.patch
    - fix-leaks-lp1672297-2-object-Queue-a-forced-GC-when-toggling-down.patch
    - Note: More such patches are under review so this list may grow in future.

013d6da... by Tim Lunn on 2018-04-12

Import Debian changes 1.52.1-1

gjs (1.52.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release
  * Drop patch included in new release

d6bfe77... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2018-12-19

New upstream version 1.52.5

dc51d50... by P. F. Chimento on 2018-12-01

release: More release notes

Copy the bullet points from the master NEWS so they are easier to cross
reference, and include a blurb about the Big Hammer.

8f82763... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2018-11-27

release: Prepare for 1.52.5

2a87c22... by P. F. Chimento on 2018-06-01

object: Avoid segfault in debug mode

This null pointer access could only happen when debug logging was turned
on, but nonetheless it can be avoided easily.