Merge lp:~1chb1n/charms/trusty/ceilometer/next.1601-test-update2 into lp:~openstack-charmers-archive/charms/trusty/ceilometer/next

Proposed by Ryan Beisner on 2016-01-19
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 113
Proposed branch: lp:~1chb1n/charms/trusty/ceilometer/next.1601-test-update2
Merge into: lp:~openstack-charmers-archive/charms/trusty/ceilometer/next
Diff against target: 18 lines (+3/-3)
1 file modified
tests/019-basic-trusty-mitaka (+3/-3)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~1chb1n/charms/trusty/ceilometer/next.1601-test-update2
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
OpenStack Charmers 2016-01-19 Pending
Review via email:

Description of the change

Fix typo in mitaka amulet test definition

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=== modified file 'tests/019-basic-trusty-mitaka'
--- tests/019-basic-trusty-mitaka 2016-01-08 21:45:08 +0000
+++ tests/019-basic-trusty-mitaka 2016-01-19 12:50:01 +0000
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
3"""Amulet tests on a basic ceilometer deployment on trusty-liberty."""3"""Amulet tests on a basic ceilometer deployment on trusty-mitaka."""
5from basic_deployment import CeilometerBasicDeployment5from basic_deployment import CeilometerBasicDeployment
7if __name__ == '__main__':7if __name__ == '__main__':
8 deployment = CeilometerBasicDeployment(series='trusty',8 deployment = CeilometerBasicDeployment(series='trusty',
9 openstack='cloud:trusty-liberty',9 openstack='cloud:trusty-mitaka',
10 source='cloud:trusty-updates/liberty')10 source='cloud:trusty-updates/mitaka')
11 deployment.run_tests()11 deployment.run_tests()


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