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This is the python rewrite of zim. Should replace the trunk series of the perl implementation in the second half of 2009.

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Jaap Karssenberg
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Active Development
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is the focus of development.
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The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this release series:

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:zim

Milestones and releases

135 of 35 results
Version Expected Released Summary
Zim 0.68-rc1 None
Zim 0.68 None
Zim 0.67-rc2 None
Zim 0.67 None
Zim 0.66 None
Zim 0.65 None
Zim 0.64 None
Zim 0.63 None
Zim 0.62 None
Zim 0.61 None
Zim 0.60 None
Zim 0.59 None
Zim 0.58 None
Zim 0.57 None
Zim 0.56 None
Zim 0.55 None
Zim 0.54 None
Zim 0.53 None
Zim 0.52 None
Zim 0.51 None
Zim 0.50 None
Zim 0.49 None
Zim 0.48 None
Zim 0.47 None
Zim 0.46 None
Zim 0.45 None
Zim 0.44 None
Zim 0.43 None
Zim 0.42-beta3 None Add desktop daemon and Tray Icon plugin
Zim 0.5 None
Zim 0.42 2010-01-01 This release should replace the perl version, see alpha and beta milestones f...
Zim 0.42-beta2 2009-07-13 Goal: * Release candidate Features: * Version control support * Daemon / tra...
Zim 0.42-beta1 2009-06-22 Goal: * WWW read-only stable * GUI same level as perl version * Publish trans...
Zim 0.42-alpha2 2009-05-25 Goal: * Have a usable version that is ready for testers to report bugs Featu...
Zim 0.42-alpha1 2009-03-30 Goal: * Have a working preview showing additional value over the perl version...
135 of 35 results
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Latest version is 0.68

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