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lp:~indicator-network-developers/wpasupplicant/trunk 1 Development 2017-07-18 10:39:46 UTC 2017-07-18
12493. hw_features: Fix check of supported 8...

Author: Sven Eckelmann
Revision Date: 2017-07-18 10:39:46 UTC

hw_features: Fix check of supported 802.11ac channel width

The two channel width bits in the VHT capability field can be decoded in
following values (IEEE Std 802.11ac-2013 VHT Capabilities
Info field):

 * 0: no 160 or 80+80 MHz support
 * 1: 160 MHz support
 * 2: 160 and 80+80 MHz support
 * 3: (reserved)

The check must therefore not be done bitwise but instead it must checked
whether the capabilities announced by the driver are at least the ones
requested by the user.

Fixes: c781eb842852 ("hostapd: Verify VHT capabilities are supported by driver")
Signed-off-by: Sven Eckelmann <>

lp:~awe/wpasupplicant/add-fake-aps 1 Development 2015-09-14 19:27:11 UTC 2015-09-14
7. scan: make fake AP level random(0-99)

Author: Tony Espy
Revision Date: 2015-09-14 19:27:11 UTC

scan: make fake AP level random(0-99)

lp:~indicator-network-developers/wpasupplicant/07-series 1 Development 2012-10-07 17:59:01 UTC 2012-10-07
2006. EAP-TLS server: Fix TLS Message Lengt...

Author: Jouni Malinen
Revision Date: 2012-10-07 17:59:01 UTC

EAP-TLS server: Fix TLS Message Length validation

EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS/FAST server implementation did not validate TLS
Message Length value properly and could end up trying to store more
information into the message buffer than the allocated size if the first
fragment is longer than the indicated size. This could result in hostapd
process terminating in wpabuf length validation. Fix this by rejecting
messages that have invalid TLS Message Length value.

This would affect cases that use the internal EAP authentication server
in hostapd either directly with IEEE 802.1X or when using hostapd as a
RADIUS authentication server and when receiving an incorrectly
constructed EAP-TLS message. Cases where hostapd uses an external
authentication are not affected.

Thanks to Timo Warns for finding and reporting this issue.

Signed-hostap: Jouni Malinen <>
intended-for: hostap-1
(cherry picked from commit 586c446e0ff42ae00315b014924ec669023bd8de)

lp:~kvalo/wpasupplicant/bug-638303 bug 1 Development 2011-02-17 13:04:29 UTC 2011-02-17
11. Add 40_fix_scan_retry.patch.

Author: Kalle Valo
Revision Date: 2011-02-17 12:32:23 UTC

Add 40_fix_scan_retry.patch.

lp:~cyphermox/wpasupplicant/debian.0.7 1 Development 2010-11-17 17:24:44 UTC 2010-11-17
1. Import of Debian's pkg-wpa-devel grou...

Author: Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
Revision Date: 2010-11-17 17:24:44 UTC

Import of Debian's pkg-wpa-devel group SVN repo in bzr for hackery.

lp:~indicator-network-developers/wpasupplicant/07-series.packaging 1 Development 2010-10-21 11:43:34 UTC 2010-10-21
1958. Fix debian/changelog.

Author: Kalle Valo
Revision Date: 2010-10-21 11:43:34 UTC

Fix debian/changelog.

lp:~kvalo/wpasupplicant/07-series-update-packaging 1 Development 2010-06-03 10:36:59 UTC 2010-06-03
7. Add a hack to debian/rules for removi...

Author: Kalle Valo
Revision Date: 2010-06-03 10:35:52 UTC

Add a hack to debian/rules for removing wpa_gui_de.qm.

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