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KIAaze, WebContentControl team
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Active Development
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is the focus of development.
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You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:webcontentcontrol

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Milestones and releases

129 of 29 results
Version Expected Released Summary
WebContentControl v1.3.2 None naughtiness limit button fixed
WebContentControl translations "Rosetta" None Added translations from Launchpad
WebContentControl presetconfigurations "Preset Configurations" None Must have working preset configurations.
WebContentControl ppa None Fixed upgrade process, improved purge process. PPA usable again.
WebContentControl bugfixes "Rosetta completed" None
WebContentControl 1.3.7 "D-1 ;)" None I guess I should get a better understanding of all this series, milestones, r...
WebContentControl 1.2.2 "burnout" None Just a quick release to fix the force logout problem when using the totalcont...
WebContentControl 1.2.1 "Install/removal fixed" None Install/removal fixed
WebContentControl 1.2.0 "PPA will have to wait" None This is an intermediate release until I get the upgrade process fixed so user...
WebContentControl 1.1.9 "Time for PPA! :D" None This is just a release to synchronize with the PPA archive which you can find...
WebContentControl 1.1.5 "Yo Frankie! :)" None Fixed filtering problem with external WPA wifi cards and added possibility to...
WebContentControl 1.1.4 "Spartaaaaaaa!!!" None -Fixed firefox proxy settings lock/unlock button
WebContentControl 1.1.3 "is..." None Import/export finally working in the GUI!
WebContentControl 1.1.2 "This..." None Fixed a little problem with the Firefox status checking script.
WebContentControl 1.1.1 "Madness?" None Custom application settings fully working.
WebContentControl 1.1.0 "This is madness!" None -Lots of GUI improvements.
WebContentControl 1.0.9 "Good paths" None Fixed path problems in debian packages.
WebContentControl 1.0.8 "no warnings" None Added missing dependencies.
WebContentControl 1.0.7 "Debian" None First Debian package. :) (Only two lintian warnings left.)
WebContentControl 1.0.6 "Obama!!!!!" None This time it should really work! Thanks to iwm and High Roller from the ubunt...
WebContentControl 1.0.5 "success" None Install process fully tested and working!!!
WebContentControl 1.0.4 "I want feedback!!!" None Added configuration scripts for tinyproxy, dansguardian and firefox. SSL filt...
WebContentControl 1.0.3 "Do or do not. There is no try. :)" None Secured parentalcontrol scripts for use with sudo.
WebContentControl 1.0.2 "Total Control" None More scripts + improved scripts + cleanup + reference config files
WebContentControl 1.0.1 "JamesBond" None First functional release.
WebContentControl reboot 2012-04-30 not yet released update packages for latest Ubuntu version
Bugs targeted: 2 New
WebContentControl v1.3.6 "bugkiller" 2010-07-05
WebContentControl 0.1 "Mwahaha" 2010-07-04 A first release which allows configuring dansguardian and start/stopping it.
WebContentControl 1.0 "MonkeyBoy" 2008-09-11 First functional release.
129 of 29 results

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