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2. * Build for python2 and python3 (than...

Author: Tanguy Ortolo
Revision Date: 2014-10-15 23:27:47 UTC

* Build for python2 and python3 (thanks to W. Martin Borgert for notifying
  me that python3 was supported).
* debian/control:
   - update the Vcs-* URLs (add .git suffix).
   - build-depend on python3-all.
   - split in three binary packages (python2, python3 and doc).
   - recomment python-openssl (and python3-openssl).
* debian/python-nbxmpp.doc-base, debian/ rename to
  python-nbxmpp-doc.doc-base, to install
  documentation to the documentation package.
* debian/rules: use pybuild to build for python2 and python3.
* debian/patches/fix-raise-statements.patch: fix old syntax of raise
  statement which was incompatible with python 3.4.

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