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lp:ubuntu/wily/libdebian-installer 1 Development 2015-05-05 16:09:46 UTC
52. * Resynchronise with Debian. Remaini...

Author: dann frazier
Revision Date: 2015-01-30 16:12:58 UTC

* Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
  - Add Dove SoC subarchitecture.
  - Add more OMAP4 Panda support.
  - Add OMAP4 Blaze support.
  - Add ArmadaXP support.
  - Add Calxeda Highbank support.
  - Add Freescale "P4080 DS" and "QEMU e500" support.
  - Add Calxeda ECX-2000 support. (LP: #1196946)
  - Add support for EXYNOS5440-based platforms (LP: #1231251)
  - Add support for the WandBoard quad.
  - Add support for keystone subarch
  - Add support for HP ProLiant m800 Server Cartridge (keystone)
* The "generic" subarch is now returned for all unknown flavors,
  so drop explicit matching for generic subarch hardware.
* Switch the Armada XP, EXYNOS5 and KeyStone2 to the "generic" subarch.
  These platforms required special flavor kernel builds in previous
  Ubuntu releases that are no longer provided.
* Drop support for Marvell DB-MV88F6781-BP Development Board. We
  no longer support the "dove" subarch (Ref: partman-auto changelog).

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