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lp:ubuntu/warty/ttf-freefont 1 Development 2009-06-27 15:41:48 UTC 2009-06-27
1. * Non-maintainer upload. * High urgen...

Author: Josh Triplett
Revision Date: 2004-08-29 11:05:50 UTC

* Non-maintainer upload.
* High urgency due to fix for release-critical bug.
* debian/fontforge-bug-workaround.patch: This patch works around a bug
  in fontforge: it ignores the Ascent and Descent values specified in
  the sfd, and supplies its own incorrect values. It also adds the
  HheadAscent and HheadDescent value to its own values, so this patch
  uses these values to correct the calculated values back to the correct
  values. This patch should be reviewed when the bug in fontforge is
  fixed. (closes: #254113)
* debian/control: Add Build-Depends on patch.
* debian/rules: Apply the patch.

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