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lp:ubuntu/warty/dlocate 1 Development 2009-08-17 14:21:14 UTC 2009-08-17
1. * Non-Maintainer Upload. * NMU, Craig...

Author: Andreas Metzler
Revision Date: 2002-03-10 09:44:16 UTC

* Non-Maintainer Upload.
* NMU, Craig Sanders seems to have lost his interest in this package,
  last upload was in 1999.
* Upload sponsored by Thom May <>.
* cron job conditional on package being installed (Closes: #83196, #54073)
* remove /var/lib/dlocate on purge (Closes: #63902)
* work with long package names. Patch from Peter Samuelson, modified to
  limit length of output to $COLUMNS characters
  (Closes: #84018, #67650, #78621)
* Patch for #84018 adds "Hold" to the list of desired states, too.
 (Closes: #132930)
* dpkg -ls works with packages containing many files (use xargs),
  patch from Peter Samuelson (Closes: #91785)
* Works with slocate, using dpkg-divert --truename, patch from Robert
  Luberda, depend on dpkg 1.8.0, drop superfluous versioned conflicts
  on very old dpkg. Once this is uploaded I'll ask the slocate-maintainer
  to remove the "Conflicts: dlocate".
  (Closes: #100694, #101426, #129251)
* depend on perl. (Closes: #132931)
* Use nice quotation marks in dlocate(1) (Closes: #129186)
* Add manpage for update-dlocatedb.8 (Closes: #76149)
* dlocate -l already mimics dpkg -l good enough
  (Closes: #43145, #43146, #45057)
* fix lintian warnings:
  findutils and bash are essential, depending on them is wrong
  copyright: fix location of GPL
  update-dlocatedb has no manpage.
  Add versioned Build-Depends-Indep: debhelper >= 3.0.0 (dh_installmanpages)
  Bump standards-version.
* update debian/rules from dh_make-template
* Use dh_installman instead of dh_installmanpages.
* Use DH_COMPAT=3, get rid of debian/conffiles.
* update dlocate(1)
* -l uses egrep and accepts extended re, document it in manpage.
* Old bug was already fixed: Generate initial database asynchronously
  (Closes: #42314)

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