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lp:ubuntu/warty/clamav 1 Development 2011-04-08 02:52:45 UTC 2011-04-08
2. * Change dependency versioning for cl...

Author: Stephen Gran
Revision Date: 2004-06-21 22:26:45 UTC

* Change dependency versioning for clamav-milter
* Fix up overthought ucf call in clamav-base that ended up making ucf think
  manually managed conf file was unmodified and safe to overwrite.
  (closes: #255428)
* Stop cleaning up after the daemons (clamd, freshclam, milter) in init
  scripts. It seems they all (with the exception of the milter) do a decent
  job cleaning up after themselves now. The milter leaves behind a pidfile,
  which is sloppy, but doesn't seem to harm anything. This should fix the
  problems on upgrade. (closes: #255437, #255436)
* Remove unnecessary depends/recommends from clamav-testfiles - these
  testfiles could be used for any A/V suite, and have nothing specific to
  do with clamav. (closes: #255370)

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