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lp:ubuntu/vivid/ratmenu 2 Mature 2014-10-26 11:39:17 UTC
9. * debian/compat, debian/rules, debian...

Author: Mark W. Eichin
Revision Date: 2014-06-29 15:32:05 UTC

* debian/compat, debian/rules, debian/control: strip down to minimal dh
  usage (ratmenu has *nothing* exciting about it, packaging-wise) and
  advance to debhelper compatibility level 9. Add buildflags for hardening.
* Makefile: clean up PREFIX/DESTDIR/CFLAGS (hardening now works.) Move
  tests to "humantest" since they're fundamentally interactive for now.
  Drop manpage from install rule, since dh doesn't fix that up and we
  end up with /usr/man *and* /usr/share/man.

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