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lp:ubuntu/vivid/horizon bug 2 Mature 2015-04-20 12:29:24 UTC
84. d/pydist-overrides: Amend typo xstati...

Author: James Page
Revision Date: 2015-04-20 08:54:52 UTC

d/pydist-overrides: Amend typo xstatic-angular-irdragndrop ->
xstatic-angular-lrdragndrop to ensure that embedded xstatic deps are
correctly ignored when generating dependencies (LP: #1439837).

lp:ubuntu/vivid-updates/horizon bug 2 Mature 2015-08-20 20:07:13 UTC
88. * Resynchronize with stable/kilo (bb0...

Author: Corey Bryant
Revision Date: 2015-08-04 12:44:57 UTC

* Resynchronize with stable/kilo (bb05237) (LP: #1481008):
  - [d29a68c] Removing Network Profile support in stable/kilo
  - [cfb16ec] Add a conditional judgement to avoid invalid dict index
  - [824df76] Fix mock issues found due to new mock release
  - [82f63a5] Fix Create User form's fields sorting for Django 1.7
  - [f0691cf] changing email from user list deletes user passwd
  - [25c961f] fix delete action always cause error
  - [ec27165] Fix date pickers in metering modal
  - [8ed6a85] Wait until the image is registered in Sahara image test
  - [fcff73c] Skip test_{floatingip,image_register_unregister,create_delete_user} for now
  - [1e84c93] Handle errors during glance image updates correctly
  - [2fc3fcd] corrected the create volume from snapshot
  - [84da479] Escape the description param from heat template
  - [bafdabb] Prevent multiple form submission on table row actions
  - [0642fdd] Fixing data processing operations for alternate webroots
  - [2e8e70b] User should be able to update allocation pool values.
  - [61d3955] Don't pass read only attributes on neutron update
  - [78e9a99] I/O error uploading image
  - [6566057] Fix TemplateDoesNotExist at manage/unmanage volumes
  - [30dde70] Sanitation of metadata passed from Django
  - [322a74c] Inherit environment variables for tests that use nodeenv
  - [baf55ce] LBaas v1 Associate Monitor to Pool Fails
  - [bb05237] Fix exponentially growing AJAX updates for table rows

lp:ubuntu/vivid-proposed/horizon bug 1 Development 2015-10-22 14:31:30 UTC
89. [ Chuck Short ] * Resynchronize with...

Author: Chuck Short
Revision Date: 2015-10-20 10:41:52 UTC

[ Chuck Short ]
* Resynchronize with stable/kilo (5b9bdca) (LP: #1506058):
  - [5b9bdca] Use security group id not name in the create instance dialog
  - [74d885f] Fix not opening region selector on first click
  - [b8e1ce8] Neutron Quota Settings Flag Disables Neutron GUI
  - [853f0ec] Fix inability to switch region via Switch Region dropdown
  - [0b3c92d] Updated from global requirements
  - [d6be306] Fix a unit test for create instance
  - [8ed7624] Compatibility fix for pyscss 1.3.4
  - [7c8fc8f] Skip test_routerrule_detail blocking the gate
  - [fea681e] Remove 'shared' from Neutron Firewall table
  - [1d20ea0] Fix static file paths in heat topology view
  - [8da65b6] Don't get descript if attribute doesn't exist.
  - [905e92b] Fix attribute error with old glance backend
  - [c079705] Added correct URL to edit QoS spec
  - [900ca63] Updated from global requirements
  - [3becb61] Port cleanup on failed VM instance launch
  - [b84218d] N1Kv: Fix failing network and port creates

[ Corey Byrant ]
* d/rules: Prevent dh_python2 from guessing dependencies.
* d/openstack-dashboard-ubuntu-theme.postrm: Ensure that purge and
  reload of static assets is only done on purge/remove, resolving
  problems when upgrading to new versions (LP: #1506826).

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