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lp:ubuntu/vivid/heat 2 Mature 2015-04-15 13:55:31 UTC
44. * New upstream milestone release for ...

Author: Chuck Short
Revision Date: 2015-04-15 13:55:31 UTC

* New upstream milestone release for Openstack kilo;
  - d/control: Align with upstream dependencies.

lp:ubuntu/vivid-updates/heat 2 Mature 2015-08-03 14:29:26 UTC
47. * Resynchronize with stable/kilo (536...

Author: Corey Bryant
Revision Date: 2015-08-03 14:29:26 UTC

* Resynchronize with stable/kilo (536dc83) (LP: #1481008):
  - [9ca4a53] Use action in check_*_complete method
  - [ed52c86] Produce more meaningful exception messages in nested stacks
  - [e35450a] Fix failures related to the mock 1.1.0 release
  - [ac5e71f] test_resource for functional tests
  - [c0d1b91] Improve StackValidationFailed response in properties
  - [99f95f0] Count all nested stack resources with DB operations
  - [5703a2f] Add domain when list users in heat-keystone-setup-domain
  - [18742d1] Heat could not create samples with Ceilometer
  - [a55f827] Missing template file on update fails silently
  - [1b5ff07] Failed to import test module in test
  - [b0be013] Add env storing for loaded environments
  - [a3bc0f6] Fix heat-db-setup error on rhel7.1
  - [3a7e7cb] Find root stack ID with database operations
  - [38b47eb] Continue to check if nova task is in progress
  - [8919a34] Catch exceptions in service status report
  - [754851d] Fix block_device_mapping property validation when using get_attr
  - [28a0639] Do not verify requirements on extension loading
  - [7148a96] Backup new resource as soon as possible
  - [da37773] Save updated-in-place resources to backup stack
  - [be9af28] Report status when engine start
  - [d2e70e4] Use snapshot's environment when stack restore
  - [612d806] Fix integration tests for tox>2.0
  - [ed2bed2] Fix property validation for TemplateResource during update
  - [a5297fe] Get rid of circular references in Resource and Function
  - [c7b1524] Sync oslo incubator
  - [06a5c0e] Generate stack events for stack state transitions
  - [aa4b90d] Update template paths for environment-mapped TemplateResources
  - [2a6378c] Fix TypeError exception during cancel stack update
  - [536dc83] Use SHA256 instead of SHA1 for resource signature
* d/p/fix-requirements.patch: Rebased.

lp:ubuntu/vivid-proposed/heat bug 1 Development 2015-10-21 21:48:12 UTC
48. [ Chuck Short ] * Resynchronize with ...

Author: Chuck Short
Revision Date: 2015-10-15 08:50:03 UTC

[ Chuck Short ]
* Resynchronize with stable/kilo (a4aafba) (LP: #1506058):
  - [a4aafba] Only write to template files if template data changes
  - [9e6d7c2] Make ResourceDefinition round-trip stable to avoid extra writes
  - [2f14f1f] Set resource status to FAILED when engine is down
  - [3ab316b] Include nested stacks in reset_stack_status
  - [2bffb12] Don't metadata_update all resources for deployment signals
  - [0fa81c2] Don't create events when signals don't perform an action
  - [382d038] Stack updated error if creation fails
  - [d8bdac7] Copy resource data in _delete_backup_stack
  - [8a2dcfa] Signal SoftwareDeployment resource
  - [22a404d] Allow empty/None output values
  - [9258321] Unlimited option max_resources_per_stack
  - [0d95270] Try to get the version of cloud init via popen
  - [05b2cc4] To use id instead of name when making credentials from context
  - [aeba790] Inherit files when restore
  - [ebc7994] Set correct tenant id when python-client init
  - [5d084a2] Make sure UpdatePolicy is unset for Heat scaling group
  - [d76094c] Refactor and correct purge_deleted
  - [5f86d05] Eventlet green threads not released back to pool
  - [edd2f8f] Work around problems storing huge properties in events
  - [92d2ac9] Fix RouterInterface properties validation
  - [88a216c] Adds resource uuid, volume support to lifecycle scheduler hints
  - [e889d66] Don't raise exception when get nested stack
  - [7248ec4] The cirros image is now cirros-0.3.4
  - [e9e2f50] Fix validation failure for TemplateResource
  - [be01cf1] Use atomic_key for deployment metadata updates
  - [21331a5] Always commit after deployment db operations
  - [7454b7b] Revert failing tests and use v3 for ec2 tokens
  - [cb3734b] Fix stack-list after failed update
  - [2d5f981] Fix server creation with block_device_mapping_v2
  - [274f96b] Support time-delays in server.resize
  - [034c582] ASG scaling account for cooldown timestamp & in-progress
  - [4a8282c] Correct stack identity when delete nested
  - [03ac6b1] Do not specify version for contrib plugins
  - [a748424] Switch total_resources to use stack_count_total_resources
  - [7e73da5] Don't copy exception classes
  - [8f43aee] Not all exceptions from remote stacks are internal exceptions
  - [f34a474] Fix unsupported format character error for multipart mime
* debian/patches/fix-requirements.patch: Refreshed

[ Corey Byrant ]
* d/rules: Prevent dh_python2 from guessing dependencies.

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