t-coffee binary package in Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el

 T-Coffee is a multiple sequence alignment package. Given a set of
 sequences (Proteins or DNA), T-Coffee generates a multiple sequence
 alignment. Version 2.00 and higher can mix sequences and structures.
 T-Coffee allows the combination of a collection of multiple/pairwise,
 global or local alignments into a single model. It can also
 estimate the level of consistency of each position within the new
 alignment with the rest of the alignments. See the pre-print for more
 T-Coffee has a special called M-Coffee that makes it possible to combine the
 output of many multiple sequence alignment packages. In its published version,
 it uses MUSCLE, PROBCONS, POA, DiAlign-TS, MAFFT, Clustal W, PCMA and
 T-Coffee. A special version has been made for Debian, DM-Coffee, that uses
 only free software by replacing Clustal W by Kalign. Using the 8 Methods of
 M-Coffee can sometimes be a bit heavy. You can use a subset of your favorite
 methods if you prefer.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2014-02-20 03:53:39 UTC Published Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el release universe science Optional 10.00.r1613-1
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