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lp:ubuntu/trusty/vte 2 Mature 2013-10-21 00:39:05 UTC
123. * Resynchronise with Debian (libexecd...

Author: Colin Watson
Revision Date: 2012-10-09 02:55:15 UTC

* Resynchronise with Debian (libexecdir fix closes LP: #864609).
  Remaining changes:
  - debian/patches/91_keep_fds.patch:
    - vte does not support G_SPAWN_LEAVE_DESCRIPTORS_OPEN when calling
  - debian/patches/93_add_alt_screen_scroll_toggle.patch:
    - Handle scrolling differently when using alternate screen or
      scrolling is restricted.
  - debian/patches/lp246701_scroll_region_updates.patch:
    - Fix update glitch related to scroll regions.
  - debian/patches/backscroll-stream-mem.patch:
    - Provide a memory-based scrollback stream backend to avoid hitting
      disk with terminal contents.
* Add version for vte_terminal_set_alternate_screen_scroll to
  libvte9.symbols (probably a bit too tight, but due to changelog
  truncation this is the best I could readily manage).

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