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lp:ubuntu/trusty/linux-ppc 2 Mature 2013-10-21 08:03:20 UTC
33. [ Andy Fleming ] * SAUCE: net: Add s...

Author: Ben Collins
Revision Date: 2013-07-10 12:18:48 UTC

[ Andy Fleming ]

* SAUCE: net: Add support for handling queueing in hardware
* SAUCE: of_mdio: Add of_phy_attach function
* SAUCE: phy: Add support for VSC8234

[ Ben Collins ]

* SAUCE: net/phy: Export function for use by dpaa_eth
* SAUCE: PPC: PCI: Fix pcibios_io_space_offset() so it works for 32-bit
  ptr/64-bit rsrcs
* SAUCE: PPC: Make ppc_progress only output when not quiet and when
  printk is on
* SAUCE: Revert "phy: vitesse make vsc824x_add_skew static"
* SAUCE: Fix compile failure in Fsl USB Phy drivers
* SAUCE: PPC: xics: Include header for get_tb() decleration

[ Emil Medve ]

* SAUCE: phylib: Minimum hack to get the generic 10G PHY driver to work
  with 10G "fixed-link"s

[ Kumar Gala ]

* SAUCE: powerpc/pamu: Add driver to initialize PAMU tables
* SAUCE: fsl_qbman: Add drivers for Freescale DPAA Qman & Bman
* SAUCE: fsl_pme2: Add support for DPAA PME
* SAUCE: fmd: FMD14 integration
* SAUCE: dpaa_eth: Ethernet driver for Freescale QorIQ DPA Architecture
* SAUCE: powerpc/85xx: Add DPAA/networking support for P4080DS

[ Madalin Bucur ]

* SAUCE: net/flow: remove sleeping and deferral mechanism from
* SAUCE: net/phy: abort genphy_read_status when link changes during speed
  and duplex reading
* SAUCE: net/phy: added autocross feature for forced links on VSC82x4

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