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lp:ubuntu/trusty/digikam 2 Mature 2013-10-20 14:37:54 UTC
86. * New upstream release - Add build-...

Author: Rohan Garg
Revision Date: 2012-11-26 18:24:20 UTC

* New upstream release
  - Add build-deps : libhupnp-dev, libqtgstreamer-dev, libmagickcore-dev
* Merge from debian, remaining changes:
  - Make sure libqt4-opengl-dev, libgl1-mesa-dev and libglu1-mesa-dev only
    install on i386,amd64 and powerpc
  - Depend on libtiff-dev instead of libtiff4-dev
  - Drop digikam breaks/replaces kipi-plugins-common since we're past the
    LTS release now
  - digikam to recommend mplayerthumbs | ffmpegthumbs. We currently only
    have latter in the archives, even though former is also supposed to
    be part of kdemultimedia. (LP: #890059)
  - kipi-plugins to recommend www-browser rather than konqueror directly
    since 2.8 no direct usage of konqueror is present in the flickr
    plugin anymore (LP: #1011211)
  - Keep kubuntu_mysqld_executable_name.diff
  - Don't install libkipi translations
  - Keep deps on libcv-dev, libcvaux-dev
  - Keep split packaging of libraries
  - Replace icons from KDE 3 time in debian/xpm.d/*.xpm with the new
    versions (LP: #658047)
* Update debian/not-installed

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