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lp:ubuntu/trusty/dblatex 2 Mature 2013-10-20 19:49:33 UTC 2013-10-20
13. * New upstream release Closes: #675...

Author: Andreas Hoenen
Revision Date: 2012-06-07 15:25:28 UTC

* New upstream release
  Closes: #675741
* 20_regression_simple_style.patch:
  Fix a regression that breaks simple style.
* 20_regression_zh-cn.patch:
  Fix a regression that breaks some documents with language zh-cn.
* 20_texlive_version_2009.patch:
  Keep the value 2009 for parameter texlive.version, as bigger values result
  in problems.
* Drop patches that have been integrated upstream:
  + 20_dblatex_sys_path.patch
  + 20_debian_errorhandler.patch
  + 20_glossary.patch
  + 20_missed_chars.patch
* debian/rules:
  Use new upstream install layout "deb", which enables us to simplify the
  rules file considerably.
* Remove python-4suite-xml dependency (alternative to xlstproc) as package has
  been removed from unstable (#637334) and as using it as XSLT processor has
  started to run into "out of memory" recently.

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