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lp:ubuntu/quantal/schroot 2 Mature 2012-07-18 20:04:41 UTC
45. * New upstream stable release. * schr...

Author: Roger Leigh
Revision Date: 2012-07-18 20:04:41 UTC

* New upstream stable release.
* schroot:
  - Remove invalid and obsolete symlinks which were being created
    on install and upgrade, and no longer create them
    (Closes: #681931).
  - Fix 15binfmt setup script to bind mount binfmt binary correctly
    (Closes: #677811). Thanks to Vagrant Cascadian and Julian Andres
  - Building from git has been documented, as has the upstream
    release process (Closes: #680882).
* dchroot:
  - Migrate dchroot.conf to schroot.conf format on upgrade
    (Closes: #681876). Also documented caveats in NEWS.Debian.
* dchroot-dsa:
  - Migrate dchroot.conf to schroot.conf format on upgrade.
    Also documented caveats in NEWS.Debian.

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