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lp:ubuntu/quantal/cairo-dock-plug-ins bug 2 Mature 2012-10-09 21:39:41 UTC 2012-10-09
35. * debian/control: - Cairo-Dock depen...

Author: Matthieu Baerts
Revision Date: 2012-10-09 21:39:41 UTC

* debian/control:
 - Cairo-Dock dependencies: Removed '-0ubuntu1' to allow other distros and
   backports to work smoother (Thanks to Laney!) (LP: #1064130)

lp:~cairo-dock-team/ubuntu/quantal/cairo-dock-plug-ins/3.0.2 bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2012-06-18 19:33:17 UTC 2012-06-18
30. * New upstream bug-fix release. (LP: ...

Author: Matthieu Baerts
Revision Date: 2012-06-18 19:31:50 UTC

* New upstream bug-fix release. (LP: #1014804)
* Upstream ChangeLog (3.0.0 -> 3.0.1):
 - Gnome-integration: fixed the time&date command
 - KDE integration: fixed the time&date command
 - Updated previews of dustbin and logout with the new version
 - Updated the version of applets that can be always visible
    (for the new parameters)
 - Clock: numeric view: increased the size of the rectangle if an
    outline is used and modified the default colour
 - Clock: Now with the possibility to have an outline with the digital view
    to see when we don't use any background
 - Used the core option to not force the display of icons in menus
 - Minor fixes in Sound Control's .conf file
 - MusicPlayer: mpris2: metadata: trackid attribute should be of D-Bus
    type 'o'
 - Switcher: fixed a possible crash (division by 0) if the X manager
    couldn't get info from X + removed bMenuVisible
 - Clock: analogic mode: fixed a bug where the date was not displayed
    correctly (with opengl)
 - Clock: numeric mode: set a minimum size for the text: we keep the
    ratio until 12px (under 12px, it's hard to read)
 - Logout: added a fallback method to get the users list if the accounts
    daemon service is not running
 - CMakeLists.txt: fixed a CMake warning (or error?)
* Upstream ChangeLog (3.0.1 -> 3.0.2):
 - AlsaMixer: Fix: double-clicking did nothing if we didn't open the menu
    of the applet
 - DND2Share: Pastebin: Their public API is no longer available -> ported
    to the new API
 - GMenu: Fixed a bug that made sub-menus be too small,
    and therefore have to be scrolled + code cleaning
 - Logout: When the menu is reversed (top dock), select the last item so
    that it's the same as the normal menu (ie, the 'shutdown' item)
 - MusicPlayer: Prevented a warning message: when changing song, we don't
    receive this value: Position (no need to display a warning each time)
 - MusicPlayer: Allow recently played files in the menu (Recent-Files)
 - MusicPlayer: Fixed a bug that prevented the player from being launched
    the 2nd time in some cases
 - MusicPlayer: Added raise and quit methods in the menu when the player is
    in the systray (without that it's hard to display the window
 - MusicPlayer: Used toggle buttons for Shuffle and Repeat properties
 - Recent-Events: If the file doesn't exist, don't display it in the
    'Recent Files' menu
 - Recent-Events: Prevent doubles in the menu list
 - Po: Updated translations (added Croatian)
 - Shortcuts: Fixed a small bug with bookmarks (extra new lines were
    disrupting Thunar)
 - Status-Notifier: Added the marshaller for the XAyatanaNewLabel signal
 - Systray (old): Force the icons size to 24px, to avoid buggy programs to
    display their icon with a wrong size
 - Third-party applets: Reposition their right-click menu, so that it's the
    same as a normal menu (on top of the icon and no scroll needed)
* debian/control:
 - Bumped libgldi-dev version to avoid compilation error
    (cmake check if libgldi has the same version than this package)

lp:~cairo-dock-team/ubuntu/quantal/cairo-dock-plug-ins/3.1.0 bug 1 Development 2012-10-09 09:03:55 UTC 2012-10-09
34. * New upstream release. (LP: #1064130...

Author: Matthieu Baerts
Revision Date: 2012-10-09 09:03:55 UTC

* New upstream release. (LP: #1064130)
 - Even if there are a lot of changes, this is a 'bug-fix' version.
   Changes are big mainly because the translations have been updated and
   a lot of GCC warnings (from -Wall and -Wextra) have been fixed.
 - Note that due to the recent rewrite of indicator-messages,
    Messaging-Menu has been rewritten too to directly load the .so file
    Now it's just easy to add a new indicator applet and this is why
    Printers-Menu (indicator-printers) and Sync-Menu (indicator-sync)
    applets have been added just by modifying the name of the .so file.
* Upstream ChangeLog (detailed changes since the last version):
 - All:
  + Graph: iRadius parameter is no longer needed
  + Notifications: removed unused registrations to a few signals
    (on click, on middle click, on build menu, etc.)
  + Code cleaning: removed a few useless g_print (or used cd_debug instead)
  + Code cleaning: fixed a lot of GCC's warnings when using -Wall
  + po: updated the translations
  + po: Added Lithuanian and Hebrew languages
 - Cairo-Penguin: its menu wasn't displayed when clicking on the character
 - Dock-Rendering:
  + Slide view: fixed the arrow color when the sub-dock is on a side of
    the screen
  + Slide view: renamed the files + fixed the position of the sub-dock when
    the parent dock's alignment is not centered
 - Doncky: fixed a lot (and a lot) memory leaks and warnings during the
 - GMenu: for those having a big lag when opening the menu for the first
   time: it's now possible to load all icons at startup (hidden option)
 - GVFS:
  + No longer added the home directory when listing vfs-root
  + Fixed a few memory leaks
  + Renamed '/' by 'File System' (name used by other DE)
  + Removed an useless strcmp
 - Indicators:
  + Added support of the new Indicator (3-0.4)
    (needed for the new version of indicator-messaging)
  + Added Printers-Menu and Sync-Menu (they just load the right .so file)
 - Mail:
  + Fixed a few memory leaks and removed useless variables' initialisations
  + Set '/' as a default path if none is defined in conf
 - Messaging-Menu:
  + This applet was broken on Ubuntu Quantal due to the recent changes in
    the messagin-menu deamon. Now we use Indicator-applet3 to manage the
    applet. The code is now shorter, it should be safer and it's no longer
    needed to sync the code between indicator-messages and this
    Messaging-Menu applet
  + Removed the link to ido (it's not needed)
 - musicPlayer:
  + Prevent displaying quicklist, since the applet already provides all the
    common actions for any player
  + mpris2: some players doesn't support (well) the 'trackid'
    (e.g. Audacious or Pithos)
  + cover: used a loop instead of checking all names one by one
 - Powermanager:
  + UPower: displayed the details of all batteries
    (and not only the first one)
    + Connected to 'device-added' and 'device-removed' signals if the user
      adds or removes a battery (and avoid wrong informations)
 - Recent-Events:
  + Dialog: no longer added removed files
  + Dialog: Applications: Used the translated name
  + Recent files: added deleted files to the hashtable to prevent useless
 - Shortcuts:
  + Bookmarks: moved Home to the bookmarks list (like most files managers)
  + Added the disk space progress bar on the Home folder, since /home is
    not listed by gvfs except if /home is on another partition
 - showDesktop:
  + Checked the XRandr version with the core function to avoid crash
    if XRandr 1.2 is not available
 - Stack:
  + Used 'g_uri_unescape_string' instead of 'g_filename_from_uri' to
    support all uri an not only 'file://'
 - Status-Notifier: if the item doesn't have info for the title, the ID is
   shown but this string is cut (12 chars)
 - Switcher: changed the 'render' notification order to draw the desklet
   after the desklet manager
* debian/rules:
 - Removed all unstable applets
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install:
 - Removed appmenu-registrar which was needed for the unstable'Global-Menu'

lp:~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/cairo-dock-plug-ins/quantal-201208191523 (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2012-08-19 15:23:54 UTC 2012-08-19
32. * New upstream beta release. * Upstre...

Author: Matthieu Baerts
Revision Date: 2012-08-18 22:49:12 UTC

* New upstream beta release.
* Upstream ChangeLog (main changes):
 - Better integration of Unity: support of the Launcher API and better
    support of indicators
 - All configuration windows have been merged into a single one.
 - Added progress bars in several applets and in the Dbus API
 - The Music Player applet can control players in the systray.
 - Icons of the taskbar can be separated from launchers or not
 - And as always ... various bug fixes and improvements :-)
* Fixed one bug reported on Launchpad:
 - Bookmark name in thunar wrong when shortcut added on plugin (LP: #995634)
* debian: Used 'wrap-and-sort' tool
* debian/control:
 - Bump Cairo-Dock version
 - Updated my email address
* debian/rules:
 - Added Disks, Global-Menu and Doncky applets.
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install:
 - Added 'appmenu-registrar' ('Global-Menu' applet)
    and 'cairo-dock-unity-bridge' ('Dbus' applet)

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