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lp:ubuntu/quantal/bcmwl bug 2 Mature 2012-10-12 12:42:35 UTC 2012-10-12
41. * debian/bcmwl-kernel-source.postinst...

Author: Martin Pitt
Revision Date: 2012-10-12 14:00:38 UTC

* debian/bcmwl-kernel-source.postinst: Mirror the actions of the installed
  modprobe.d files, i. e. rmmod the b43 driver and try to modprobe wl, so
  that this package works right after installation. (LP: #1065827)
* debian/bcmwl-kernel-source.postinst: Drop duplicate #DEBHELPER# token. It
  does not currently expand to anything, but it looks confusing.

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