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lp:ubuntu/precise/pgpool2 2 Mature 2011-12-22 18:40:04 UTC
9. * New upstream release. Closes: #646...

Author: Christoph Berg
Revision Date: 2011-12-22 18:40:04 UTC

* New upstream release. Closes: #646116.
  Change the lock method of insert_lock. The previous insert_lock uses row
  locking against the sequence relation, but the current one uses row
  locking against pgpool_catalog.insert_lock table. The reason is that
  PostgreSQL core developers decided to disallow row locking against the
  sequence relation to avoid an internal error which it leads. So creating
  insert_lock table in all databases which are accessed via pgpool-II
  beforehand is required. If does not exist insert_lock table, pgpool-II
  locks the insert target table. This behavior is same as pgpool-II 2.2 and
  2.3 series.
* Build pgpool-recovery pgpool-regclass pgpool-walrecrunning server modules.
  Closes: #630465.
* Build pgpool_adm server module.
* Split into a separate package.
  There is already another libpcp in Debian, libpcp3/libpcp3-dev, therefore
  we call our packages libpgpool0/libpgpool-dev. We have a file conflict
  with /usr/lib/libpcp.{a,so}, so libpgpool-dev conflicts with libpcp3-dev.
  As they are already at SONAME 3 while we are at 0, the other package will
  not problems with our files in /usr/lib. (The alternative solution of
  putting* in /usr/lib/pgpool2 would require setting RPATH in
  several places, which was both unsupported by the current build system
  (despite the documentation claiming otherwise) and also pretty ugly.)

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