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lp:ubuntu/oneiric/xscreensaver bug 2 Mature 2011-06-10 16:47:16 UTC 2011-06-10
42. * Merge with Debian unstable, remaini...

Author: Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
Revision Date: 2011-06-09 22:10:56 UTC

* Merge with Debian unstable, remaining Ubuntu changes (LP: #795251):
  - debian/control:
    + Add Vcs-Bzr link
    + Add/Update replaces with Ubuntu versions
    + Update package descriptions to list Ubuntu screensavers
  - debian/rules:
    + Use /usr/share/backgrounds as image directory
    + Add translation domain to .desktop files
  - debian/
    + Add apport hook
  - debian/split-hacks.config:
    + Use different set of default hacks than Debian
  - debian/xscreensaver.dirs
    + Install /usr/share/backgrounds. By default, settings search in
      /usr/share/backgrounds and without it, it displays an error
  - debian/patches/
    + Use Ubuntu branding
  - debian/patches/60_sequential_glslideshow.patch:
    + Allow going through images sequentially rather than just at random in
      the GLSlideshow hack.
* debian/patches/61_fix_tube_memleak.patch: dropped, applied upstream.
* debian/xscreensaver.desktop: drop file left over from previous merge.
* debian/control: drop Build-Depends on ubuntu-artwork. This was only pulled
  in to create /usr/share/backgrounds to use as a location for screensavers
  that look for images.
* debian/changelog: reinstate old changelog entries that were dropped in
  previous commits.

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