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lp:ubuntu/oneiric/python-boto bug 2 Mature 2011-07-14 16:11:57 UTC
18. * New upstream release. * Remaining c...

Author: Scott Moser
Revision Date: 2011-07-14 16:11:57 UTC

* New upstream release.
* Remaining changes from debian:
  - debian/rules: Run testsuite during build but ignore failures
    since it currently doesn't pass.
  - debian/rules, debian/control: Transition from pysupport to dh_python2
    (LP: #788514)
  - debian/rules:
    + README removed (no longer in source tarball)
    + doc install of removed (it is now installed to /usr/bin)
* Changes from upstream:
  - boto/ use email.utils.formatdate(usegmt=True) instead of strftime
    as the latter breaks when boto is used from application setting up
    locales (like bpython or ipython); upstream issue #140.
* Dropped delta from upstream:
  - boto/ec2/ work around non-int data in volumeSize
    returned from Eucalyptus. LP: #520707. [fix is upstream]
  - boto/ Handle 2.7 the same way as 2.6 for httplib
    compatibility. LP: #688773. [fix is upstream]

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