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lp:ubuntu/oneiric/plymouth bug 2 Mature 2011-10-01 08:07:17 UTC
1411. debian/ubuntu-logo.png: remove in fav...

Author: Steve Langasek
Revision Date: 2011-10-01 08:06:46 UTC

debian/ubuntu-logo.png: remove in favor of the logo included in the
ubuntu-logo theme which has the correct branding. This has no impact on
the default user experience, but fixes the branding when using certain
non-default themes available in the archive. (We still ship a copy in
the main plymouth package for this reason.) LP: #667262.

lp:~brian-murray/ubuntu/oneiric/plymouth/bug-787685 bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2011-07-19 17:02:00 UTC
1397. debian/libplymouth2.apport: include g...

Author: Brian Murray
Revision Date: 2011-07-19 17:00:03 UTC

debian/libplymouth2.apport: include grub configuration file and the
contents of /proc/cmdline when reporting a bug with apport (LP: #787685)

lp:~brian-murray/ubuntu/oneiric/plymouth/bug-860371 bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2011-09-27 23:21:23 UTC
1406. debian/libplymouth2.apport: collect b...

Author: Brian Murray
Revision Date: 2011-09-27 23:19:31 UTC

debian/libplymouth2.apport: collect boot.log and plymouth-debug.log if it
exists (LP: #860371)

lp:~vorlon/ubuntu/oneiric/plymouth/lightdm-integration bug 1 Development 2011-09-14 13:06:19 UTC
1398. debian/plymouth.plymouth-stop.upstart...

Author: Steve Langasek
Revision Date: 2011-09-14 13:03:46 UTC

debian/plymouth.plymouth-stop.upstart: if stopped by lightdm, let
lightdm handle the VT transition as it's able, so we get flicker-free
boot. LP: #849954.

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