Branches for Oneiric

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lp:ubuntu/oneiric/osptoolkit 2 Mature 2011-07-11 12:42:57 UTC
4. releasing version 3.4.2-1ubuntu1

Author: Chris Coulson
Revision Date: 2011-07-11 12:42:57 UTC

releasing version 3.4.2-1ubuntu1

lp:~scarneiro/ubuntu/oneiric/osptoolkit/fix-for-756018 bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2011-07-11 03:32:12 UTC
5. debian/rules modified to clear the de...

Author: Sebastian Carneiro
Revision Date: 2011-07-11 03:32:12 UTC

debian/rules modified to clear the dependency_libs field of .la files
on install target.

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