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lp:ubuntu/oneiric/maradns 2 Mature 2011-07-18 12:57:54 UTC
22. * Made duende more generic and Debian...

Author: Nicholas Bamber
Revision Date: 2011-07-18 12:57:54 UTC

* Made duende more generic and Debian compatible
  - Added patch to use argp to parse arguments
  - Added support for --pid, --uid, --chroot, --ident, --restart_on,
    and --gid arguments
  - Put log helper process in chroot
  - Write pid of log helper process to syslog
  - Consolidated waitpid calls so to avoid race condition allowing zombies
  - Adjusted section and priority, cf. #632337
  - Added example to show how to use duende generically
  - Added patch to man page documenting changes to duende
* Rewrote maradns init script to use new duende features
  - Init script now relatively standard apart from use of duende and
    support for multiple servers
  - Reload action in maradns script now sends signal to duende which
    restarts maradns process (Closes: #484466)
  - Added Recommends clause for maradns-zoneserver
* Added comment about #621833 in postrm script and ensured complete removal
  of /etc/maradns directory
* Added maradns-zoneserver package (Closes: #582069)
  - Note that the reload action is not supported for zoneserver
* Updated python support
* Updated TODO.Debian

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