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lp:ubuntu/oneiric/backupninja 2 Mature 2011-05-27 15:32:13 UTC
15. [ intrigeri ] * Bump Standards versio...

Author: Micah Anderson
Revision Date: 2011-05-27 15:32:13 UTC

[ intrigeri ]
* Bump Standards version: no changes.
* List every handler's dependencies in the long description.
* Update Suggests wrt. current shipped handlers needs.
* Add watch file. (Close: #598086)
* Add Vcs-Browser control field.
* New upstream release
  . Use locking to avoid running concurrent instances of the same
    backup action. (Closes: #511300)
  . Stop using "local VAR" outside functions. (Closes: #530647)
  . Fix duplicity TMPDIR vs. --tempdir usage.
  . Remove support for duplicity < 0.4.4. Even etch-backports has
    a newer one.
  . Now support remove-all-inc-but-n-full command for duplicity >=
    0.9.10 to allow removal of increments for older full backups.
    (Closes: #603478)
  . Fix reliance on bash for pipefail in ldap, mysql and postgresql
    handlers. (Closes: #602374)
  . Support various PostgreSQL dump formats in addition to pg_dumpall.
  . Support reading rdiff include/exclude patterns from files.
  . Fix long rsync rotation.
  . Make usage of units clearer everywhere needed.
  . Do arithmetic using bash rather than bc in rsync handler
    (Closes: #603173)
  . Fix hwinfo and gathering of information about loaded modules in
    sys handler. (Closes: #625501)
  . Install tar handler and helper.
  . Support separate signing key in Duplicity helper.
  . Generate 4096 bits RSA keys, recommend doing so in the

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