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lp:ubuntu/natty/libnss-ldap bug 2 Mature 2010-11-06 17:56:20 UTC 2010-11-06
26. * Drop number prefixes from Ubuntu-sp...

Author: Loïc Minier
Revision Date: 2010-11-06 13:07:50 UTC

* Drop number prefixes from Ubuntu-specific patches
  (00fix-ethers-truncation, 01_minimum_uid, and
  02_fix_ldap_sessions_mem_leak) since the package uses a quilt series now.
* Merge from Debian; remaining changes:
  + debian/control: Depends on ldap-auth-config
  + debian/control: Removed Depends on po-debconf and (debconf handled by
    ldap-auth-config now)
  + removed the following files:
    - debian/config
    - debian/libnss-ldap.postinst
    - debian/libnss-ldap.postrm
    - debian/po
    - debian/templates
  + debian/LDAP-Permissions.txt: use /etc/ldap.conf
  + debian/README.Debian: use /etc/ldap.conf
  + debian/rules: don't use --with-ldap-conf-file and --with-ldap-secret-file
  + debian/libnss-ldap.install: removed usr/share/libnss-ldap/ldap.conf
  + debian/libnss-ldap.dirs: removed usr/share/libnss-ldap
  + debian/control: move nscd to Suggests
  + debian/patches/series, debian/patches/fix-ethers-truncation.patch:
    Fix lookups for hostname by MAC address
    ( (LP: #315241)
  + Add patch fix-glibc-test-for-armel-gnueabi to allow linux-gnueabi as
    target_os for armel and an autoreconf patch to update generated files.
* Remaining changes from debian unstable for LP: #155947
  + added debian/nssldap-update-ignoreusers which update
    nss_initgroups_ignoreusers in /etc/ldap.conf based on
  + add manpage for nssldap-update-ignoreusers
  + debian/libnss-ldap.install: added usr/sbin/nssldap-update-ignoreusers
    and usr/share/man/man8/nssldap-update-ignoreusers.8
  + added debian/libnss-ldap.init to call nssldap-update-ignoreusers on
  + debian/rules: install initscript
  + debian/libnss-ldap.dirs: added var/lib/libnss-ldap
  + debian/patches/minimum_uid.patch: update ldap.conf and manpage for
    nss_initgroups_ignoreusers and nss_initgroups_minimum_uid updates;
    WARNING: this patch is currently not applied and needs testing.

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