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lp:ubuntu/maverick/hedgewars 2 Mature 2010-04-30 16:55:58 UTC
15. * New upstream version, closes: #5763...

Author: UNera
Revision Date: 2010-04-05 10:39:04 UTC

* New upstream version, closes: #576370
  * many bug fixes
  * speed optimisations
  * many new hats, hats visible while using rope and blowtorch
  * Exploding barrels
  * AI uses new weapons, aware of fire, can fight in artillery mode
  * New options in ammo editing - crate probability, delays
  * option of semi-opaque hog name tags to avoid fail when
    land is hidden by name
  * new British voicepack
  * notification sound when people join your room
  * translation updates
  * contextual help when using weapons menu
  * 3d effect for waves
  * fade effect when starting/stopping game
  * new game modes - place hedgehog, king mode, randomise starts,
    allies share ammo, disable girders
  * shift + direction to turn without moving
  * view ammo menu when not your turn
  * new font for CJK text and better CJK detection
  * dud mines
  * hat reservation for donators (hats should be released to public
    in 6 months or so)
  * team flags
  * visual effects: dust on fall impact, smoke, shotgun shells,
    blink team name on start of turn, hogs pulling weapons out,
    falling flakes kicked by explosion and more
  * hogs react to throwing grenades / dynamite and when near them
  * graphic of crate contents when picking up weapon/utility
  * walk sound for hedgehogs
  * UFO changed to homing bee
  * splashes/droplets when things fall in the water
  * 45 degree bounce when throwing grenades
  * new bounce sounds
  * information on game rules when starting game
  * knockball map (scripted map)
  * Birdy weapon and poisoning effect
  * maze generator for new random maps
  * new crazy map template
  * new Olympics, Desert themes, visual updates to many other themes
  * Background texture for land for a 3d effect on explosions
  * frontend able to delete teams
  * ignore/friends lists in frontend
  * alt weapon preview on rope, parachute
  * updated options in frontend: independent toggles for
    frontend/game sound/music, select locale
  * More
  * lua scripting
    Lua scripting allows the easy creation of missions and special maps.
    Examples of this can be seen in the Knockball and Basketball maps,
    that are now scripted

lp:ubuntu/maverick-proposed/hedgewars bug 2 Mature 2011-11-24 06:27:23 UTC
16. * Backport 0.9.17-1 to Maverick to fi...

Author: Evan Broder
Revision Date: 2011-11-22 04:49:51 UTC

* Backport 0.9.17-1 to Maverick to fix network play (LP: #852603):
  - debian/patches/haskell-backwards-compat.patch: Replace or
    reimplement functions used by the server that weren't available in
    Maverick's Haskell stack
  - Drop libghc-bytestring-show-dev build-dependency.
  - Add 6's to get libghc6-deepseq-dev, libghc6-utf8-string-dev
  - Change libghc6-network-dev build-dependency to libghc6-network-bytestring-dev

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