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lp:ubuntu/karmic/vm 2 Mature 2009-12-19 09:34:03 UTC 2009-12-19
8. * This version of VM does not work wi...

Author: Manoj
Revision Date: 2009-03-22 02:19:48 UTC

* This version of VM does not work with Emacs 21 and lower, since those
  versions are missing the custom-autoload function which is used
  invm-autoloads.el. As a result, no autoloads for vm are defined,
  making vm completely unusable with emacs21. VM no longer byte compiles
  itself for those versions. Remove support for emacs20 and emacs21 in
  emacsen.{install,remove}, add support for emacs23. Also add an
  NEWS.Debian file to document this change.
  Bug fix: "broken with emacs21 - (void-function custom-autoload)",
  thanks to Sven Joachim (Closes: #508543).
* [c9a55df]: Added missing autoload cookie for
  vm-decode-postponed-mime-message. For good measure, add an autoload
  directive to the vm-init file as well.
  Bug fix: "Now requires forced load of vm-pine ", thanks to Dirk
  Eddelbuettel (Closes: #516591).
* [debiandir:a9a97a6]: remove call to install-docs, since this is now
  done with triggers.
* [debiandir:263c26a]: Remove configure generated files in clean target

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